“Every person who wants to learn golf and who plays golf now, will have their own unique swing style based upon who they are and how their body is capable of moving.  My Coaching programs revolve around what will work best for that person, so they can achieve all their golfing goals.”

-Kathy Gook

What would you like to achieve with your golf game? Would you like to play better golf on the ‘golf course’?

If you are ready to play better golf and have more FUN, Kathy can assist!

Kathy offers various Coaching programs, all based upon YOU, the golfer and what you would like to achieve!   Regardless of your level/handicap or experience with the game of golf, you can buy ‘time’ with Kathy to create a program for you, based on your goals and the time you have to invest in achieving these.   All coaching programs involve on course playing observations and a complete game evaluations.


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