Equipment Considerations

All golfers should have their equipment checked for compatibility, regardless of their level of play. If you are new this great game of golf, having one or two clubs which are properly fit will allow you to experience success and progression in the sport.

When purchasing equipment, please be sure the equipment is properly fitted for you. This includes all of your equipment: Driving clubs, fairway woods, irons, wedges, and putters. When completing a club fitting, you should be actively hitting or swinging the club, while being evaluated for:

  • Club Length
  • Lie Angle
  • Loft
  • Shaft Flex
  • Hosel Design
  • Club Head Design
  • Grip Size & Type
  • Set Composition

All of these variables are dependent upon the persons’ height, arm length, visual preferences, and individual feel for club weight and grip texture.

Kathy offers personalized equipment fitting options, mainly working with PING golf.  PING golf offers many options for all level of players, and individual clubs may be purchased.

To contact Kathy for an equipment evaluation click here.

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