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Whether you are just beginning to play golf, a weekend amateur golfer, or a tournament player, the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Evaluation will be an invaluable tool for you to get your game where you’d like it to be. The TPI evaluation process provides insight into what your body can and cannot do physically — a “total picture” of your body and swing style. These screenings focus on the stability and mobility balance and core strength of your body which effect the efficiency and power of your golf swing. By isolating any physical limitations, and correlating these findings to your swing technique, a custom conditioning program can be developed for you.

Golf Fitness Evaluation

  • Video (2D) swing analysis and complete game assessment.
  • Physical assessment screen to identify stability, mobility and strength issues relative to the golf swing.
  • 6 week personalized golf workout program using
Complete Game Evaluation – Initial Assessment

  • Video (2D) swing analysis and complete game assessment.
  • K-Vest (3D) swing analysis.
  • Physical assessment screen with 6 week personalized golf workout program with re-assessment upon completion.
  • Mental Golf Profile (additional charge) with follow-up consultation to review results and custom design practice and playing plans.
  • Full Game Analysis – identification of targeted skill to be developed.
  • Short-game analysis
  • Equipment – Evaluation
  • Course Management / Decision-making
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