Youth Golf Coaching


Kathy is an avid supporter of youth playing golf. From 2002 to 2010 Kathy maintained the leadership role as Tournament director for  The Joanne Winter Arizona Silver Belle Championship, one of the largest junior girls golf tournaments in the US.

In 2011 Kathy was named one of US Kids Golf Top 50 Junior Teachers and in 2012, 2014 & 2015 she has received US Kids Golf Top 50 Junior Teachers Honorable Mention.  Kathy’s tireless devotion to the development of youth golf is apparent through her numerous ventures, which include the Playground to Fairway program (P2F) and the organization of summer youth programs at “The Farm” in her hometown of Quesnel, BC.

Kathy offers ‘FUN’ development programs for youth of all ages, based upon principles of the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) Program. The LTAD program states there is an optimal time for a young child to learn fundamental movement skills, speed, stamina, sport skills, strength & suppleness (flexibility). This is based upon a child’s developmental age, and the goal is for each child to develop their own level of Physical Literacy.

New in 2022, Kathy introduced the Operation36 model for player development and offers this program for all her youth programs at the Quesnel Golf Club.  Operation36 gets young golfers out right away onto the golf course playing the game of golf.  Each semester has up to 8 guided lessons, along with 4 playing opportunities.  All golfers start at Level 1, playing from 25 yards from the green, where they learn not only the short game, how to keep score, yet some rules and etiquette while out playing.  These juniors immediately become golfers!  When they score 36 or better, they graduate to Level 2, which is 50 yards from the green.   With each level, it unlocks another level of skill learning & tasks.  The Operation36 app guides that junior (and their parents) on their journey of learning the game of golf.

Youth Op36 Coaching Sessions    Cost: Please contact for Monthly Fee.

4 – One hour sessions per month
2 – 9 Hole Play sessions per month


 Click Here to contact Kathy for more information on Youth Golf Programs.

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